Miracles have provided a wonderful nurturing and supportive environment for our daughter who has been there since the age of 10 months who in that time has grown into this little person that never ceases to amaze us. Her educators have played a large part in her development and I know we will miss them when she goes into big school. Our heartfelt thanks to the staff who truly do care. ~ Alex & Nga-Lai

Miracles on Russell was a true miracle that happened to me!

As a mother, there are milestones you come across and you fear the most. Having to leave your child with a stranger would be one of them. 

The moment I walked through the door at Miracles I felt like this was the safe place for my baby... I could never be grateful enough for all the attention, love, care and learning that my child has been given. The staff at Miracles are my true angels. Those girls are so caring, kind and patient, always with the smile on their face. The first day I left my baby boy there, they told me I can call as many times as I feel like I need to. They knew exactly how I felt and gave me so much confidence which made me feel at ease. Two years later, two boys at Miracles, I can't be more grateful for Dannii who said yes to Luka & Leo. I know my boys are taken care of and looked after with love and care, when Luka comes home and starts naming all the teachers (miss Noonna/ Fiona, miss Becca/ Rebecca, miss Alyce, miss Naniela/ Daniela, miss Shortan/Jordan, miss Dan Dan/ Dannii, miss Ann, miss Rennae)... I love the bond these girls have created with my boys, truly magical.... Facilities are always clean, the food is always catered to the best needs of my children (even with the Mr Fussy, I will never forget Ann making cheese sandwich for Luka who didn't want to eat anything, these girls truly care!).... thank you Miracles for everything xx

We have been attending Miracles for two years. The only way to tell whether the practice is good, is to ask your child. My daughter loves to go. She is bilingual, and couldn't speak English properly for some time. The educators were so kind and nurturing, they patiently taught her English and many other things. She is fluent now, at the age of 3.5!

The director of Miracles, Dannii, is my daughter's favourite person on Earth. When Dannii went away, my daughter was depressed and kept asking when she is back. When my daughter saw Dannii return from her holiday, words can't describe her excitement. She nearly cried. My daughter also loves Fiona and Bec, and the rest of the girls. All of the educators are doing a very fine job helping us raise our kids.
Miracles' management have some sort of secret on how to best locate top talent. I don't know how they do it, but the result is outstanding.

I am impressed beyond belief with the amount of developmental activities kids get to do. My daughter started writing letters and numbers already. They manage to feed kids double portions at lunch. Magic whisperers. She doesn't eat like that at home. 

Just bless. Thank you for looking after us. For loving my child, and helping me mould her into an awesome person. We love you dearly. ~Stella and Vas.

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