Here at Miracles on Russell we strive towards providing children with an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, nurturing, fun, safe and supportive environment for children to be themselves and to develop to their full potential. We believe that children are uniquely talented individuals who are capable and resourceful learners. We believe that children are active participants in their own learning. We promote learning through play as an essential element of the learning experience through which children view, interpret and organise their environment.

We implement a program based upon the National Early Years Learning Framework. We believe in taking a holistic approach as stated in the Early Years learning Framework paying close attention to children’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning. (EYLF pg. 14)

At Miracles on Russell we believe that “encouraging children to experiment, explore investigate, hypothesise, practise and own their learning in a play based way” (Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel)

We believe in establishing secure, respectful, nurturing and caring reciprocal relationships with each child and to develop ongoing curriculum and learning experiences relevant to each child’s individual needs and interests. We believe that intentional teaching is deliberate purposeful and thoughtful (Early Years Learning Framework). Therefore through the implementation of our programs, Educators use an intentional teaching approach for furthering and encouraging the children’s development. Our program at Miracles on Russell is inclusive to children with additional needs and we strive to make sure that all children’s needs are catered for.

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and in particular those in our immediate care. Our educators, volunteers and students will treat all children with dignity and respect, taking care to value all children’s rights under the guidelines provided in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

At Miracles we believe in providing a sustainable environment and will seek to awaken in each child an appreciation of their natural surroundings and its resources, we encourage children to be active participants in caring for our environment.

We acknowledge and value diversity, equity and inclusion. Respecting and including the many different social and cultural backgrounds of each child and their families. Including a greater understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land that became the City of Rockdale Council. These were The Cadigal Tribe, The Guegal Tribe and the Bidjigal Tribe. All three of these tribes were known as the “Water people”. There is now an acceptance that by combining the Western and indigenous skills and knowledge is a better way to effectively manage the valuable resources of water and nature. At Miracles on Russell this is promoted by combining outdoor play with outdoor appreciation. We believe that by doing so, the children are exploring all aspects of structured and unstructured nature.

We value and respect our educators for their individual strengths and abilities that they bring to Miracles on Russell. We also support and commit to their ongoing professional development, and opportunities to liaise with other childhood professionals, allowing educators to continue and create the best environment for children to grow and develop.

In order to promote a sense of belonging, being and becoming for the children of Miracles on Russell, we are committed to open, positive communication with families. We encourage all families to engage in meaningful participation within the routine and program at the service.At Miracles on Russell we aim to provide a sense of belonging, and a sense of being and a sense of becoming and to encourage children to reach their potential level of excellence.

“Miracles on Russell: Devoted to enriching children’s lives.”

Updated: August 2016 – D King

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